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October 28, 2021 Appraisals Reviews

Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations. It provides an interactive platform for all books of the world to be discussed, reviewed and recommended to fellow readers. As of October 2021, The Self-Assembling Brain has been added by 150 readers and received 11 ratings with an average of 4.73 (out of 5). The reviews are truly informative and critical. Here is the most recent and most critical review, from Oct 19, 2021, really to-the-point:

Intelligence is evolutionary, a brain should be grown algorithmically and there might not be a workaround. This is the central idea of the book. The book is quite deep itself starting from the history of AI/AL, adding biology in significant details, and digging it very deep to the hardest philosophical questions. I kind of liked it a lot, but can’t call this book easy to read and for just everybody.’

A big Thank You from the author 🙂